New Version Update November 2018

New Version 159 November, 2018

Build 159 was put into production November 26, 2018.

Organization as Input Data and Knowledge Source Owner

  • For Knowledge Sources and Input Data the owner is now a list of organizations. 

Right Mouse Menu on DRD corrected

  • Right Mouse Menu on DRD now only allows Deletes and Sketch Input 'Create'

Quick Add related objects on DRD

  •  There is a new right mouse menu on input data, decisions and knowledge sources to add missing objects. These should appear as search results, clearing any existing search results, and allowing the missing objects to be dragged on to the diagram

Export API Call

  •  The API call is to <URL>/DMNService.svc/GetBulkLoadFile/<API KEY> and it should prompt you to download a CSV file. This should then be importable into a project using the bulk load. 

Downloadable App for those without access to IE

Other Recent Builds

New Features in Build 157

  • Deprecated features removed
  • Right-click menus updated on DRD
  • Generated Diagrams in Reader
  • Copy/Paste Prevention
  • Removal of unused tags from dropdown

New Features in Build 156

  • New allowed answer UI- additional answer type options are now available including external value list, date/time, as well as the option to select Collection.
  • More descriptive error message when failing to delete Implementation Components that are linked to Decisions
  • Print Button Removed (Print All/ Word functionality remain)
  • Smaller Images saved to Reader
  • Improved Sorting of Tags- listed in alphabetical order.

New Features in Build 154

  • Error messages for poor network connectivity and bad links have been updated to provide more information to help the user to debug these issues.
  • Users can choose a default tag for their current session and for their profile. The selected default tag will auto-populate in all search boxes and description fields of new objects. The All Activity and My Activity panes on the Home page reflect the selected tag as well.
  • Users can search for #orphan to identify all objects that have no connection to any other objects- whether they are on a Decision Requirements Diagram or not.

New Features in Build 153

  • The Reader button now opens correctly on Safari to display the DRD, corresponding links, and all other Reader features.
  • Users will not receive update notifications for their own updates to an object used in an open diagram.
  • Lastly, some infrastructure work was completed to support extending the API to support DMN export.

New Features in Build 151

  • Enhancements were made to the UI including an upgraded diagram palette and a change in the diagram Comment to match the DMN standard. 
  • Objects can no longer be deleted from the Search if they are displayed on a Diagram.
  • Besides the change to the palette, the build has made some minor improvements to the diagram editor.
  • Synchronization between the diagram and edit tabs has been improved
  • Zoom levels have been updated and zoom is managed better, making it easier to work with zoomed diagrams
  • Ellipses showing missing data refresh when other users update the diagram
  • The Permalink button (which opens the object in DecisionsFirst Modeler Reader) has been renamed to Reader
  • The use of #tags in diagram names is now supported in the reader

New Features in Build 150

  • Some issues with tags have been resolved so that objects can be tagged in their name or description, even when the objects are created through the diagram
  • The generated diagrams showing all the requirements of a Decision, Knowledge Source or Input Data have a clearer layout
  • The Support page link now works in all supported browsers

New Features in Build 149

  • Diagrams are always saved correctly for use in the Reader.
  • The ellipses showing undisplayed requirements are updated when objects are added to or removed from diagrams.
  • Occasional problems saving comment text have been fixed.
  • Unecessary autosaving of diagrams has been eliminated.
  • Display of an object's requirements scales better for complex objects.
  • Occasional errors when opening objects from diagrams with sketch objects have been fixed.

New Features in Build 148

  • You can now restrict the search to a particular object type when searching for objects to add to diagrams
  • Search page labels for sorting have been changed to be more intuitive.
  • The permalink button now opens the matching page in DecisionsFirst Modeler Reader.
  • Any object on a diagram that has requirements not currently displayed on the diagram is shown with an ellipsis.
  • In addition timeout errors due to network traffic and some other problems are handled more cleanly.