Known Issues

Updated October 9, 2019

  • Unresponsive Links / Buttons in downloaded DecisionsFirst Application on MacOS 
    • Due to an issue with Silverlight, buttons and links are unresponsive.  Please read this article to resolve this issue.
  • For those experiencing issues with Silverlight or incompatible browsers, an installed version of DFM is now available for download at DecisionsFirst Modeler Downloadable Application.
  • Important Update for Safari users on MacOS: 
    • Silverlight support has been discontinued with Safari 12.0 - 17 September, 2018. 
    • MacOS users can use the open-source SeaMonkey-Project browser based on Mozilla. ( If your security settings do not allow this browser to launch, you will need to control-click the icon to launch it.
  • Mozilla Firefox no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight
    • DecisionsFirst Modeler uses Microsoft Silverlight and so Firefox users will need to use Windows Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.
  • Firefox from v52 requires the extended support release (ESR) to run Silverlight. See their support article for more information and you can download the Firefox ESR here.
  • Google Chrome Browser No Longer Supports Microsoft Silverlight
    • The Google Chrome browser (from version 45) no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight. DecisionsFirst Modeler uses Microsoft Silverlight and so Chrome users will need to use Windows Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.
  • Firefox v51 on PC
    • If you are having any Firefox v51 issues on PC, check that your display scaling settings are set to 100% and browser history is set to remember.
    • These issues can be:
      • Slow data entry
      • Error message "IsolatedStorage_Operation"
  • Windows 10 and Microsoft Silverlight
    • The Windows 10 IE browser supports Silverlight, but the Edge browser does not. Please use the IE browser if you update to Windows 10.
  • Completeness and Correctness 
    • Warning and Error Message Display
      Some warnings are incorrectly shown as errors an some messages display off screen due to positioning problems.
  • Decision Diagram Property Column forced off screen by large diagram
    • When editing large diagrams it is possible to force the right hand column that shows diagram and node properties off screen. When the diagram is reduced in size (using the zoom or by moving objects), the column remains off screen. To resolve shrink the diagram by moving objects and/or using zoom and then save and close. When the diagram reopens the properties column should re-display. This can require significant resizing of the diagram if moving from a high resolution screen to a low resolution one.
  • Orphan (ghost) diagram links
    • When nodes are deleted the links connecting them sometimes do not delete or return to the diagram when it is refreshed. While these can generally be immediately deleted (by clicking the arrow head to select it and then hitting delete), sometimes they do not respond to deletion. Save and close the diagram then re-open and it should be possible to select and delete any such orphan arrows.
    • Read our Article on how to avoid orphan (ghost) links.
  • Object Editing
    • Tab
      Tab order is not correctly set on most edit pages and attempting to tab through the fields is likely to be frustrating.
    • Font
      There are some font size consistency issues in a number of pages.
  • Bulk Load 
    • There is a known problem when the CSV file used for Bulk Load was saved from Microsoft Excel. Strings containing ampersands (&) are saved from Excel without quotes however these special characters cause the import to fail. Either avoid using “&” in names or descriptions or manually edit the CSV file to wrap any such strings in quotes.
  • Copying a Comment to a new DRD
    • There is a known problem with a DRD breaking when copying a comment from another DRD. To avoid the issue, instead of copying the object, copy the text from the Comment and paste it into a new Comment. 

As of the end of August 2018, Firefox no longer supports any version that supports the Silverlight plugin.
You will need to use IE or Safari