DFM 2.0 Feature Highlight

Built-In Decision Table Editor

Instead of relying on a separate application to house decision logic before implementation into a Business Rules Management System, DFM 2.0 allows decision tables and rules to be crafted, edited, and stored where they make the most sense- as a property of the decision they define. Because of this, the relationship between decision requirements diagram (model) and decision logic is reinforced. A change to a decision model directly impacts the logic that defines it and vise versa. Additionally, drafting decision logic within the tool removes the need to use outside applications (spreadsheets, for example) which are prone to version control issues and general mismanagement.

Supports All Major Browsers- Desktop & Mobile

All major browsers, including but not limited to, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge are supported. Mobile phone and tablet browsers are also supported. 

Refreshed UI and UE

In addition to a complete design refresh (both visually and under the covers), new features have been added to make decision modeling more user-friendly and efficient to use. These features include:

  • Live search 
  • More efficient layout
  • Right-click menu option to show related objects missing from the diagram
  • Improved tag management and viewing in the application

Enhanced Integration with Any BRMS or ML Platform

Customize Implementation Components with icons that correspond with the linked BRMS.